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Recent Content Updates!

Hey guys, don't really post here that much anymore I'm way more active over at my simblr: simbury.tumblr.com, so if you wanna follow me there for pictures etc; would be super appreciated!

But I thought I'd do a round up post of the things I have made recently with you :)

This is a SUPER picture heavy post, please be warned!
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Merry Giftmas!
I made a couple of things that need to be shared and as the gift pile over at Victoria and George is happening, I thought what better time than now!

Vaguely historical military uniforms and MOAR SEPARATES under the cut.

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Regency Petticoats
The community project at Victoria and George at the moment is for Underwear.
I already had something in the works, but reading through the research that Cee and Di did, I didn't think it was really historically accurate, so I changed pace and made these instead :)


These use a mesh by IamLiz for the adults, and a conversion for teens by Trapping.
Textures mostly by AAS, but I did steal the ruffle at the bottom from Heget.
Colours by CuriousB, a selection of her any colour you like.

Meshes not included, but I use these ones most often, so if you've downloaded any of my refits you will probably have them :)

Download Here

Refits galore!

This is going to be an incredibly long post, so I am going to hide it under a cut.

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Projects Refit is a GO!
Ooh boy, do I have some goodies for you guys today!

Firstly I converted my recolors of Berg's teen Regency dress onto Cynnix's adult version.
They come in my updated palette, which is a selection of CuriousB's Any Color You Like.
No new previews for these, they are exactly the same as my teen versions :P

 photo AAAAAAAA_zpsfa622674.png

Here you go!

Secondly, I've been refitting my favourite dresses onto better meshes. AAS's older meshes are somewhat lumpy, and they don't have corresponding adult or teen versions.
I've refit a bunch of their textures to Iamliz's Regency mesh and Trapping's teen conversion of that mesh. There is also one bonus dress by Airdrie at Tsr, I do plan to do the rest of their sense and sensibility set, but I got a wee bit lazy :P
Not all styles shown, but here's a sampling!

 photo refitpreview1_zps10343fe9.jpg

 photo spencerprev_zpsf2cbe2fa.jpg

The one Airdrie dress is here.
The AAS refits can be found here.

Thirdly, I have refit 3 of Lidiqnata's spencers to Liz and Cynnix's meshes.

 photo lidprev_zpscac9389f.jpg

Download Here

Everything is available for Teens - Elders I believe, hopefully there aren't any problems. Meshes should be included, but if you don't have them they are definitely worth grabbing anyway!

Enjoy :D

Regency Separates, finally!
I started working on these...forever ago now. Vuokkosims introduced the idea months ago and I finally got my butt in gear to get some things together!

The credits are a bit convoluted, so let's get that out of the way.

Original mesh by IO, Jacci removed the ridged waistline and Oph3lia fixed some issues with it for Hat.

GodLimpingBy chucked Io's retexture of Amaryll's flats onto the skirt mesh for me, plus they made Iamliz's Regency dress a top for me, and Dicreasy fixed the UV map of those meshes to be more recolour friendly. Di also fixed the fat and preg morphs to make more sense because she is amazing.

I've been using some gorgeous textures from Andavri mostly, with a bit of IamLiz and Heget thrown in for good measure.

I think that's everyone.

These come in a limited selection of CuriousB's any colour you like palette, so you can mix and match to your heart's content.

A big thank you to everyone who lent a hand, bits and pieces of the texture and the meshers.

Please excuse the previews, I was impatient and I am terrible at making them!

I have 3 tops for you:

The Merchant Top:

Merchant Top Preview

The Basic Top:


and the Spencer:


They are shown with the three skirt options. Tops and bottoms in certain colours work better than others, they aren't perfect by any means, but they are good enough for me to release them.

I do have some more sets planned, but for now I am about 10,000% done with these.

Enjoy and Download :)


Merchant Top

Basic Top



Ruffle Skirt

Plain Skirt

Basic Skirt

Tiny picspam!
Parlour 1 photo 2013-03-06_00001_zps9f49d86f.jpg

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MOAR dresses!
I love regacylady's georgian dresses. I dress all of my adult sims in them at the moment.
When I found out that cynnix had converted the original mesh they were based on for teens, I had to do a texture swap. Now my teens can have the pretties too ^_^
Somehow along the way, I lost the textured muslin ones so I'll upload those when I find them.

Download them HERE!

Original dresses found here. Mesh found here (but it is included).

Anything Goes

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Rumour Has It...

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